Trish Berrong took her first improv class to relieve stress resulting from being asked to write four-line verse for a cat calendar at her day job as a Hallmark writer. She went from the workshop to regular performances at KC ComedySportz (now ComedyCity), and almost 20 (gulp) years later has run her own improv theater; performed in, directed and produced countless shows; taught approximately a gazillion performance and corporate workshops; trained some of the best improvisers in town (including the guys responsible for Improv Thunderdome); organized national improv festivals; and studied with lots of people whose names matter mostly to improvisers.

Alan Scherstuhl, the nice man who reviews improv for The Pitch, says Trish "is to the make-it-up-as-we-go-along scene what Lou Pearlman was to boy bands. Except she's nicer, a devotee of the art form and doesn't have an O-Town in her.” He called her “one of this town's sharpest comic minds,” “indefatigable” (which is much kinder than “relentless and obsessive”) and says, “She kicked ass in Spite and Tantrum.” He also asserted that in a scene in which "she mimed taking a retaliatory dump inside a friend's purse, Dick Cheney would have laughed," which may or may not have been intended as a compliment.

These days, Trish plays with Tantrum – and with Tantrum chicks Megan and Nikki as the Improv Mini-Dome championship-winning Spite. She produces Comedy On The Square every month in Liberty, where she also coaches the long-running high school improv troupe, Exit 16. She still works at Hallmark, but as a Creative Director in their marketing studio, where she almost never has to write anything that rhymes.

Pete Calderone learned a valuable lesson that fateful day back in 1992 – karaoke and mosh pits don't mix. With torn ligaments in his right ankle, he was unable to continue his job as a performing waiter for Circa '21 Dinner Theater and was moved to house manage the adjacent improv theater, the Rock Island ComedySportz (now ComedySportz Quad Cities) franchise. After carefully studying each performer's strengths and style, he joined fellow house staffers in a staff-versus-performers competition…and the staff won! One quick invitation later and he was a full-fledged member of Rock Island ComedySportz.

Transitioning jobs and transferring to Kansas City in 1994, Pete joined Kansas City ComedySportz (now ComedyCity) where he enjoyed performing in thousands of shows to hundreds of thousands of appreciative audience members. During his 13-year tenure, he also taught corporate "experiential learning" workshops for such companies as IBM, Sprint and Novartis, just to name a few. Using improvisational techniques, games and a sense of play, he led companies toward various goals like team building, creative problem-solving and pushing past the comfortable for surprising results.

Desiring to expand his performance palate to fuller, richer horizons, Pete became one of the founding members of long-form improvisational troupes 2 Much Duck and Tantrum. His performance focus has shifted from quick, competitive short-form games to deeper scenes with an emphasis on stronger characters and meaningful relationships. Throughout his career, Pete has studied from many of the biggest (and smallest) names in the improv world, but doesn't like to name drop. Sorry.

Nikki DuPont owes a classmate from KU’s theatre program for suggesting she audition at an improv club. “Come see a show first,” he said, “but I think you’d be great.” So Nikki and her husband Dennis, who runs the show for Tantrum whenever he can, went to a performance at ComedySportz in Kansas City. About 15 minutes into the show, they turned to each other and said, “Yeah, we could do this for a year.” They both auditioned and were accepted into the troupe. That was in 1997 (and yes, they know, they shouldn’t have been talking during the show).

Though she is still a part of ComedySportz (now ComedyCity), Nikki has since expanded her repertoire to include long-form, one-act musicals, and sketch comedy. She is a founding member of Kansas City’s all-female variety show, Pretty.Funny., and she plays with Spite, as well.

Nikki has traveled plenty to perform her make-‘em-ups, including an infamous IBM tour which had her flying to Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, and Denver during a couple of weeks of regional meetings. That tour taught her many things, including not to turn her back on a fellow improviser while in a hotel room; she’ll never look at a waste basket the same way again.

Rob Grabowski has been performing improv comedy since 2000. He has performed with Improv-Abilities, ComedyCity, 2 Much Duck, Loaded Dice, and Tantrum, and he was recognized by The Pitch as 2008's Best Funny Performer. He realizes that it is probably all downhill from there.

Rob is a Cancer and enjoys spending time with family and friends. Rob is very skilled at writing bios, wondering who may read this right now as he writes it and perhaps also as you read it. Like nature, he abhors vacuums. Rob deeply and sincerely hopes you enjoy a show soon as he believes improv is great.

Michael Montague Jr. has been an improv performer in Kansas City since December 4th, 1999. He got his improv education at ComedyCity (formerly ComedySportz) in the River Market area, and performed regularly there until 2007. He has also performed with a variety of troupes over the past couple of years including Monkeys with Hand Grenades, 2 Much Duck, the musical-variety act known as TBA, and now Tantrum. All of the hard work and dedication culminated in 2007 when Michael was casually described as 'funny' in an article in The Pitch.

In Michael's real life he is a software developer at Cactus Software in Overland Park, KS. He lives downtown with his beautiful wife, Amy, they look forward to one day owning a dachshund named Rick Sunderland.

Josh Steinmetz began attending improv shows at KC’s ComedySportz (now ComedyCity) while he was in college. He witnessed enough shows that he was eventually recognized and encouraged to take workshops. Seventeen years and nearly $250,000 in tuition later, he made his stage debut in December of 1998.

Josh has performed all over the Midwest (in 10 different states, at last count) as a member of ComedyCity, 2 Much Duck, and Off the Cuff. He has performed benefit shows for the ALS Foundation and Gilda's Club, along with countless shows for corporations, churches and schools. He has been seen in improvised musicals and spy novels; he has also appeared in the Kansas City Improv Festival, On The Spot, and Improv Thunderdome (where, performing with TBA, he gave a performance that, according to The Pitch, would make Statler and Waldorf "lose their shit").

Josh can currently be seen with Tantrum, ComedyCity, and future reunions/incarnations of TBA. By day, he is a mechanical engineer devoted to energy conservation. When he is not improvising, Josh enjoys playing softball, tasting/preparing interesting food and drink and enjoying the company of his favorite belly dancer.